Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Dennis Of Grunty Fen

Whilst exploring the hall cupboard today, I came across a couple of audio cassettes I hadn't listened to for some years - both featuring the enjoyable chunterings of Dennis of Grunty Fen, Cambridgeshire's very own local vocal yokel.

Singer songwriter Pete Sayers began to give Dennis life, voice, and style (!) on stage in the 1980s.

Dennis found a wider audience from c. 1988 onwards, when Mr Sayers liased with local journalist and broadcaster Christopher South. The two set to work together and their BBC Radio Cambridgeshire shows, featuring tales of an ever-expanding band of characters, earned much acclaim over a period of seventeen years.

Pete Sayers died in 2005.

Having discovered my old cassettes - The Bomb Photo and Dennis - Tiger Tales, I searched the internet for Dennis information and was delighted to discover that the character lives on with his own website - see it here.

Dennis resides with his 92-year-old grandmother in the LNER, a converted railway carriage. You'll find it facing the Great Puddle which is deeper at the edges than in the middle.


But look out for the Nastiness behind the bus shelter.

I really must explore the hall cupboard more often...


  1. Just to let you know that me new online shop has just opened for business so folks can get me downloaded if they like!

    1. Cheers, Dennis. All the best to you and Mr South - good pal of mine, Mr South.