Wednesday, 26 March 2008

1960: A Crash At The Original Mitcham's Corner

Cambridge Daily News, April 6, 1960:


An articulated lorry carrying 10 tons of paper cartons for a frozen food firm overturned at Mitcham's Corner at dawn today. The load was catapulted through three plate-glass windows of Mitcham's shop, but the lorry driver was unhurt...

It [the lorry] overturned when negotiating the corner and tipped on its side on the pavement.

The manager of Mitcham's, Mr Edward Pull, who lives in a flat above the shop, told a 'Cambridge Daily News' reporter: "I was awakened by a terrific crash. I thought the whole shop had fallen down.

"It was exactly 5.30 when it happened. I put on a dressing gown and dashed down into the shop. Two of the three windows that went were recently put in and on display were carpets and soft furnishings.

"We don't know how much damage was caused or how much it will cost to repair because we don't know yet whether there is any structural damage."

The original Mitcham's Corner in 1959, the year before the accident.

Above and below: a busy day at the original Mitcham's Corner in the 1930s.

The original Mitcham's Corner in 2007.

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