Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Cambridge Fashion Through The Decades - The 1960s, Part 1...

From the Cambridge Evening News of 1969 - flared trousers had become trendy during the hippie second half of the 1960s - and were at the height of "cutting edge cool" during the "Summer of Love" of 1967-68. They then entered the mainstream and rather outstayed their welcome, becoming a grim militant uniform in the financially hard hit 1970s. When I was a child on the Arbury Estate back in the '70s, not to wear flared trousers was to risk getting severely picked on!

So oppressive are the memories that nowadays I wouldn't be seen dead in a pair!

But in the 1960s they were exciting and new...

More flares and also "trouser outfits" and mini and maxi skirts from 1969.

Unisex fashions at Stylebest, Regent Street, 1969.

Trends for kids - toys at Peake's Furnishers, Fitzroy Street and Bradwells Court, November 1969 - the spacehopper was a trend, and hands up all those who remember Tippy Tumbles?
The famous hopper came with its own "inflating adaptor".

More from 1969 - Jentri of Regent Street - Ben Sherman shirts and Afghan coats... some of the latter gave off quite a nasty high pong...

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