Sunday, 30 March 2008

School For Arbury Children In The 1890s

The old St Andrew's School in High Street, Chesterton, photographed by Ted Mott, c. 1928.

My great-grandfather was born in 1886 at King's Hedges Farm on King's Hedges Road, and he grew up at the Manor Farm on Arbury Road - then known locally as Arbury "Meadow" Road.

Great-grandfather was one of eleven children. The following is an extract from a forthcoming book and looks at school for the Manor Farm children in the 1890s...

School for the Brett children was St Andrew’s in Chesterton. There was no provision for a midday school meal then, and the children had to walk home for it, ravenous, and plucking what they called “bread and cheese” from the hedgerows along the way.

In the winter months, the Manor Farm children were allowed to leave school ten minutes earlier than the others. This was so they could complete their journey home before it got dark. The children attended Sunday school at their mother’s place of worship, the Wesley Chapel.

Louisa always said that care had to be taken when walking up High Street, Chesterton, on the way to or from school. Many of the houses had front doors that opened directly on to the street, and some residents were none too fussy about how they disposed of teapot dregs - or worse! Louisa always stepped smartly away when a front door opened - just in case!

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  1. There was Hall Farm I recall, around where Carlton Way is now. And then Manor Farm was where North Arbury and King's Hedges are today. There were lots of smallholdings when I was a kid.