Sunday, 6 April 2008

Number 44 Chesterton Road in 1923

From the family album:

1923, and the scene is No. 44 Chesterton Road. Elizabeth Jones, my grandmother's aunt, and her eldest son, Harry, are pictured. Elizabeth and her husband, Albert Richardson Jones, with Harry's help, ran a decorating and hardware business. Albert went out painting and decorating whilst Elizabeth and Harry ran the hardware shop. At one time Albert had the contract to paint Victoria Avenue bridge and the railings by Midsummer Common and Jesus Green.

Details from the photograph reveal that the pillars of the bay window at No. 44 were decorated with a snake-like scroll announcing that Albert did painting, plumbing, glazing and paper hanging. The front room was given over to displays of wallpaper. A notice beside the front door announced 25% reductions and that there were over 200 patterns to select from.

Elizabeth is standing behind a coal scuttle and piles of enamelled basins and pans. On the table to the left are piles of scrubbing brushes and a carton of "New Pin" soap. Underneath, is a box of firewood.

A year or so later, the Jones family moved to George Street where Albert built a bay window on to the new family home.

How things change - No. 44 Chesterton Road in 2007. This branch of Cambridge Building Society opened in 1980. 

A view from the traffic island of No. 44 and the neighbouring premises.

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