Monday, 3 August 2009

1980s: Sara Payne - Down Your Street

Kimberley from Chesterton has written to say:

I remember reading (I thought) in the early 1980s a very popular series of articles in the Cambridge Evening News called "Down Your Street" by Sara Payne, which she turned into books. I really liked them, and would like to find them again. I thought 1980s, but a local historian's website states "1970s". I'm not very good at searching things out on the internet, in fact I'm not very good with computers full stop (my nephew is sending you this e-mail for me), so if you can help I'd be very grateful.

Hello, Kimberley. Thanks for getting in touch.

The first of Ms Payne's books, covering central Cambridge, was published in late 1983. The second, East Cambridge, followed in 1984.

This was not the Cambridge News's first foray into the history of Cambridge's streets - Erica Dimock wrote a similar series in the 1960s.

But yes, certainly Sara Payne's books were published in the 1980s, and I have several copies of individual Down Your Street newspaper articles here, also from the 1980s.

If you want more details, the Cambridgeshire Collection will have them. Remember, they are still based at Milton Road Library at present.

I was particularly interested in Down Your Street's visit to Campkin Road, which happened around 1983, as it tied in with some local history research I was doing at that time, and put me in touch with several useful contacts.

I may look into this further myself as thoughts of the series stirs some happy memories for me!

Thanks again for the e-mail.

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